A Brief History On Rene M. Caisse RN, Essiac.


There is still confusion about Essiac ® being created in the public mind by counterfeit products which claim to be the same or have more ingredients. Briefly recounting the history since 1922 of Rene Caisse’s original proprietary herbal formula will help to set the record straight.

Everyone interested in organic herbs has the right to know the truly wonderful history of Rene Caisse and her legendary ESSIAC ®. For 55 years, and with a large measure of success, Nurse Caisse used her herbal formula which she named ESSIAC ® to help thousands of people.

Dr. Frederick Banting, world famous Canadian, discoverer of INSULIN, winner NOBEL PRIZE 1923, concluded in the 1930’s that it was the positive benefits of taking ESSIAC ® which had helped to restore a woman to a healthy state.

It was Rene Caisse’s formula and the remarkable results she achieved with ESSIAC ® that stimulated 55,000 people - those she had helped, their families, their doctors, and friends - to sign a petition in 1938 requesting that Rene Caisse be permitted to continue, without fear of prosecution, her work with ESSIAC ®.

Rene Caisse diligently and closely protected her original botanical formula by not revealing it to the medical authorities and others in the scientific and business community. Before she would reveal her formula, she wanted official public recognition by governing bodies of the merits of ESSIAC ®. She also insisted on a guarantee that ESSIAC ® would continue to be available to people, and not disappear into secluded laboratory testing on animals, which had happened to other non-toxic drug free materials.

But none would make this commitment to her. Although she received several lucrative offers and even research facilities to be placed at her disposal, she refused them all.

In October 1977, a little over a year before she died, Rene Caisse did finally sign the sole rights to her original proprietary herbal formula and the ESSIAC ® name over to "Resperin Corporation", a Canadian company, because of their commitment to assess the use of ESSIAC ® on humans. This botanical formula, acclaimed since 1922,produced in powder form for maximum potency and effectiveness, and marketed worldwide by ESSIAC ® International, is based on her lifetime of work.

Dr. Charles Brusch witnessed the signing over to Resperin Corporation the sole rights to Rene Caisse’s complete and original proprietary herbal formula including the trademark, attesting to the fact that the complete ESSIAC® formula was never revealed to ANYONE other than the Resperin Corporation.

The directors of Resperin Corporation worked closely with Rene for many years. Anyone wishing to know or discuss Rene Caisse and her work is welcome to consult with those who carry on in her name, with her blessing.

Four main botanicals in ESSIAC ® have been revealed. The original proprietary formulation is not common knowledge. Some illegally use the registered trademark. Action by our attorneys has stopped this blatant and illegal trademark infringement of ESSIAC ® in Canada and elsewhere.

It is unconscionable to use Rene Caisse’s name to sell counterfeit products that claim to be the original ESSIAC ® formula to unsuspecting people.

It is easy to remember the herbal formula Rene Caisse used successfully in helping thousands of people at her clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario. In reverse order it bears the letters of her name, a lasting memorial and tribute of her dedication to and care of many thousands who came to her for help.

The name ESSIAC ® from Resperin Corporation, Rene Caisse’s picture, her authorized signature on the box and label is the consumer’s guarantee that they are getting the original herbal formulation. It has been preserved by Rene Caisse, and endorsed by other credible sources.

Many years before acquiring the formula, Resperin interceded for Rene Caisse at federal and provincial government levels to make ESSIAC ® easily and widely available to everyone. For a long time it was difficult to obtain ESSIAC ® easily. ESSIAC ® is now widely available through Healthcare Practitioners, leading pharmacies and natural health-food stores in Canada and distributed throughout the world.

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