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Billy was cured of Hodgkin's disease in 1995 at 17 years old using natural therapies and has been in excellent health since that time!


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Billy’s good health continues, in fact he says he feels better than he has ever felt. He has been tested recently and the tests show that he is in great health. He takes two to four ounces of Essiac a day to keep his immune system boosted and also does at least two 21-day cycles of 714X per year for the same reason. Billy tries to eat carefully, keeping away from processed food, red meat, dairy products and sugar however he isn’t as strict with his eating habits as he was when he had cancer. He takes lots of Shaklee supplements to make up for whatever he doesn’t get from his diet. He keeps very active with skateboarding, his favorite activity.

Billys' good health continues! He has written a book about his healing journey.

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